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Its mission—To build a community for long-term survivors. Anderson says that it’s healing for people to come together and share their stories. “We are living in a future we never could’ve imagined,” he says. “I’m trying to help people imagine it.”

SF Weekly

San Francisco AIDS Foundation BETA feature:

The Bay Area Reporter has done a couple of pieces about the work of Let’s Kick ASS:

You can read the Castro Biscuit account of our first town hall here:

Let’s Kick ASS founder Tez Anderson was in the audience and offered his take. “We need mental health services to focus on the post-traumatic stress that most of the people in this room who are over 50 live with every day,” he stated. “But what we really need more than that is us coming together again.” Anderson explained that one goal of the new organization is to reunite the survivor community and build on its strengths: “We all had years and years of grief and strife and angst and terror, and we’ve come through it. How can we celebrate the resilience of this community? I believe we should celebrate how far we have come, instead of focusing on what we’ve lost and what we’ve given up. Let’s focus on how we can make these next 20 or 30 years the best they can possibly be.”

Sharp agreed and commented that, in addition to comprehensive health care to treat both HIV and aging-related illnesses, “I see the need for the rebuilding of a strong compassionate community where we take care of one another.” Hicks agreed. “People just get so tired, they feel isolated, they stop taking their treatments, and they die,” she said. “How do you help give hope to these folks so they take their medications and they live on? I think it’s through this kind of movement.”

So what will it take to effect these changes? “I’m encouraged right now by the crowd in this room,” said Sharp. “I’m encouraged by what I see with the Let’s Kick ASS movement, which I believe is the new movement of long-term survivors. We’re coming together to try to create some solutions around these problems—and we need people. That’s what it’s going to take.”

2014 is going to amazing!